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Review, Offers, Legit Or Scam, Min. Payout, Tutorial, Payment Methods, Payment Proof, Earnings, Alternatives, Tips & Tricks, Landing Pages, etc…

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Summary: Since 2007, CPAlead has operated as a private lead generation network that has specialized in PPC advertising, CPA offers, and CPI mobile app installs. They say to have paid out over $100,000,000 to publishers since their beginnings. Check CPALead reviews here.

CPALead Legit Or Scam

CPALead is a fully legit and trusted CPA affiliate network that has been tested by many affiliate marketers. You can find a payment proof bellow.


CPALead Offers

CPALead proposes hundred of worldwide affiliate offers which include website signups offers, CPI app install offers, co-reg surveys offers, subscription offers, purchase offers, mobile pin submits offers, etc... The CPAlead Marketplace being dynamic real time bidding DSP and SSP systems, it gives the opportunity to anyone to set new CPA or CPI offers to their network for publisher to promote.

Some of their best affiliate offers include: Spoon, Cleanfox - Clean Up Your Mail,, AppGift, Braindoku, AppGallery, Public (Invest in Stocks), Stash,, Harvest Land, Modalmais, BlackJack by Murka, BitWhales, NordVPN, Mega Regal Slots, Lucktastic, BonusFlaş, Leocare Assurance, Zapp, Pluto TV, MoneyLion, Brigit, Huobi-Bitcoin, BelongMS, Watchworthy, MyAppFree, CariParkir, Ayoba, Zenka Loan App, MyDailyCash, Claro shop, Bitfy, MyAppFree, Magalu, Unibet, OKEx, Jago, Tokocrypto, AvaTradeGO, Kwai, IQ Option, Wash par TotalEnergies, ArmorVPN, Banco BV, ZEbet, KoinWorks, Bitsa, Daki, Cute Weather, etc...

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CPALead Landing Pages

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CPALead Tutorial & Course

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CPALead Tips & Tricks

  • Social networks (such as Pinterest and Facebook) are great free sources of traffic for CPALead offers.
  • Make sure that your landing pages explain the offers step-by-step to avoid losing the interest of your visitors.
  • The best type of website to generate traffic are: Games websites with rewards system linked to the offer (surveys preferably), download sites that offer eBooks or other type of files, and online video sites.
  • US traffic offers the best conversion rates and revenue per conversions.
  • Hide your links using services.
  • Don't hesitate trying rare niches, as those aren't over saturated.
  • Wait at least 25 clicks during initially testing of an offer/traffic to analyze and optimize properly.

CPALead Conversions Tracking

To set CPALead conversions tracking efficiently, register first to BeMob here. It is a FREE tracking software for affiliates.


Here's a guide on how to configure BeMob for CPALead:

Step 1: Postback Configuration

  1. Click on the Affiliate Networks tab.
  2. Go to New from template and then choose CPAlead from the list of networks.
  3. Then, copy the postback URL to set it on CPAlead later.
  4. Click Save.


The preconfigured postback URL for CPAlead network should look like this:{subid}&payout={payout}&txid={lead_id}&status=OPTIONAL

VERY IMPORTANT: Remove &status=OPTIONAL from the postback URL, before setting it on CPAlead in the next step.

Step 2: CPAlead Configuration

In this step, we will add the postback URL on CPALead in order to notify the tracker about each conversion. The postback URL require CPALead's dedicated tokens.

Set the postback URL on CPAlead this way:

  1. On CPALead, go to Postback >  Configuration.
  2. Enable the Postback checkbox.
  3. Paste the Postback URL (that you have previously copied from BeMob) in the "Enter Postback URL" field. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to remove &status=OPTIONAL.
  4. Click Save Postback.


Step 3: Offer Configuration

Now, we need to copy the offer URL to set it on BeMob Tracker.
  • On CPALead, go to Offers on the panel.
  • Select the offer you want by clicking on its name.


  • Copy the offer's affiliate link.


Go back to BeMob:

  1. Click on the Offers tab.
  2. Then click on New.


in the new window:

  • In the name field: set the offer's name;
  • In the country section: select the geo of the offer;
  • in the affiliate section: select CPAlead as Affiliate Network;
  • In the URL field: set the affiliate link of the offer;
  • Click Save.


In the previous step, we have set no click ID value at the end of the offer URL. It is because the click ID has already been set in the CPAlead template during the affiliate network configuration.


To set click ID manually, add subid={clickId} at the end of any offer URL from the network, that way the automatic click ID passing will be turned off in the CPAlead template.

This is the sample of CPAlead template and offer settings if you choose to set the click ID manually.



You have to select either appending BeMob click ID manually or automatically in offer settings.

CPAlead is now configured on BeMob Tracker. You can now set campaign settings or traffic source from your ad network or else.



CPALead Approval Trick

To increase your chances of getting approved by this network, we advise you to use the link below:

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CPALead Sign Up & Login

You can login to CPALead here: Login.

You can sign up to CPALead using the button below:

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CPALead Details

Specification: CPALead

Commission Type

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, , ,

Payment Frequency

, , ,

Payment Method

, , , ,

Minimum Payout


CPALead Description

CPALead (register here) was founded during the year 2006. Today it counts more than 800,000 publishers from all around the world. Safe to say that they know what they are doing. CPALead propose many type of offers including: sweepstakes, surveys and content lockers. With their Real Time Bidding Marketplace, affiliate marketers gets direct CPI and CPA offers and earn from their traffic. For each survey completed or app install, the affiliate marketers can earn approximately $1. To generate traffic, marketers can use their websites or their social media followers, and make money from each action completed by their traffic. Paid traffic (such as Bing, Google Ads, Facebook or Pinterest) is also a great solution to generate traffic and revenue, as long as the campaign is correctly optimized for the offers.


  • Payouts are sent on the 1st of the month (net 0 payment terms
  • More than 200 offers to promote.
  • Support staff that helps increasing revenue.
  • Free to use.
  • Supply Side Platform (SSP).
  • Offerwalls available.
  • Content Lockers ready to be monetized.
  • Accept anyone from all 180 countries.
  • WordPress plugin given to facilitate setup.
  • Mobile app ad available.
  • Point rewards program.

Check CPALead reviews here.

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CPALead Reviews

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    Great Affiliate Network

    This is the best website I had ever seen

    February 26, 2022
  • Avatar

    Daniel Ashton

    Great Affiliate Network!

    Trused network that pay very quickly. I have been working with them for 6 months now. I have never been disappointed so far.

    December 16, 2021

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